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Praise and Worship Team
A team of praisers who sing during every worship service.

This welcoming team warmly greets everyone who is on their way to worship service with a handshake and a smile, hand out bulletins, overseeing the service in general and assisting people where needed.

A group that makes others feel welcome and accepted in the church family. The ability to coordinate factors that promote fellowship in the body.

Audio Visual
A team who sets up and monitors the sound for music activities.

A team that makes sure everyone who is in attendance at VFEO is safe at all times.

This ministry helps people to have a positive experience at church by helping cars flow smoothly into and out of the parking lot on Sundays, transport individuals to and from church and other activities, as well as, the upkeep maintenance of the vans.

Maintenance Ministry
A team that takes care of the physical plan.

Caring and Sharing
This ministry is to the entire church. A ministry that sends birthday cards, get well cards, condolences, and other cards to the members when necessary. This is a ministry that seeks to find ways to say we care for you.

Finance and Administration Team
This team oversees the finance and administration aspects of the ministry.


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